Somer got to excitedly talk to OUTTAKE Voices

Last week on Wednesday morning at about 10:30am, I hopped in the car and drove to my mother-in-law’s.  Joan is a 77 year old Brooklyn Italian lady with a heart of gold.  She never sends me home without food and when she scream-talks, remember: it’s just the way Brooklyn-Italians say “I love you.”

I had to borrow Joan’s landline because I had an interview with Charlotte Robinson of OUTTAKEVOICES, and cellphones are just too unreliable. Once upon a time, all lines were landlines, none of them were smarter than you, and 1984 was the future.  Also, The Jersey Shore was called Real World and was, by comparison, “high-brow.”

Just before our scheduled phone interview, I drank a gallon of coffee and ate donuts with Joan.

Then this happened: