“Like Elastica with extra vitriol and a dash of grandeur.” – MTV Music Blog

Clinical Trials is the electro-grunge offspring of Somer Bingham, a self-produced multi-instrumentalist and a powerful, unforgettable performer who recently brought her grungy edge & likable personality to Showtime’s docu-series The Real L Word. Both Bingham and the music of Clinical Trials can be similarly described: fueled by punk, tinged with sexuality, and dangerously charming. “While projecting a unique style all her own, it’s not hard to imagine Somer as the sonic lovechild of Kurt Cobain and Joan Jett.” – Shawn Evertsen, Ghostwood Country Club

The other half of this riotous duo is the recent addition of drummer Stacey Lee, a pop-punk, riot-grrrl inspired 5’2″ powerhouse behind the DDrum set. Known for her fast, hard-hitting, and passionate style of playing, she gauges how good a show was by how serious the feeling of whiplash is the following day.  Stacey has opened for such noteable acts as Misfits, The Cult, Girl in a Coma, and Dramarama. With every bang on her three-piece kit, she adds her own touch of femininist-A.D.D to the male-dominated genre of rock n roll, inspired by the likes of Janet Weiss (Sleater-Kinney, Quasi, Wild Flag) and Stella Mozgawa (Warpaint).  Stacey Lee also plays with post-punk band Plastiq Passion, with whom she has been featured in a variety of newspapers and magazines including the Staten Island Advance and The Aquarian.

Taking inspiration from the energy of Nirvana, Patti Smith and PJ Harvey, Clinical Trials oozes an intoxicating dysphoria that breeds in a world of whiskey waterfalls & post-punk pop.

“Clinical Trials steps up the noise-rock formula through the addition of orchestral and industrial elements, boosted by confident performances and songwriting. If only Frances Bean would make up with Courtney – they would probably enjoy checking out this band together.” – Dave Cromwell, The Deli Magazine