Mercury Lounge, June 1st!

I’m going to order some new inflatables….  Sharing the bill with HUFF THIS!, Sandflower, and Fiona Silver.


Facebook event page


Into the Midwest!

Listen up, friends!  We are heading to Detroit, OH, and Chicago in a few weeks.  You can keep tabs on our Facebook page as we update events.

We’ve also uploaded a little preview of our upcoming album – just a demo for now, but we hope you enjoy:

See you in February!

– CT

Memories from The Rodent Hour!

This past Tuesday we got to hang out with the crew at The Rodent Hour, a rad weekly radio show at Pratt Institute.  There was laughter.  There was music.  There were so many Bills.

Listen here for our live performance & interview and the answer to the question, “Who’s your favorite Bill?”