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Personally… not a fan of The Shaggs #thingsIdontget.

Cobain - List of Bands

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We’re here! We’re Queer! We’re playing so many shows!

As anyone with premium cable knows, we happen to be a dynamic duo of grunge/punk ladies who are *also* into other ladies. We are the gays! So it’s a pleasure to occasionally combine our love of playing music with support for all those who share our sexual orientation. This June, we are playing no less than three awesome shows in this vein.



Staten Island Pride is June 1st from 12 to 5pm.  Along with our awesome friend-band Plastiq Passion, we’ll be performing as part of the festivities.  Check out their Facebook event page for details.

That same evening, after Stacey and I take naps, we’ll cross the harbor into the exotic world of the West Village for Queer Music Fest presented by Monarch Artists and Rock Bar NYC!  Doors are at 8pm, the line up is great, and you can get more info HERE.

And on June 15th, please join us for the annual Dyke March Benefit.  More info TBA, but maybe you should mark your calendars?  We’re really excited to be sharing the bill with Aye  Nako, Tiny Tusks, and Tin Vulva.

Somer got to excitedly talk to OUTTAKE Voices

Last week on Wednesday morning at about 10:30am, I hopped in the car and drove to my mother-in-law’s.  Joan is a 77 year old Brooklyn Italian lady with a heart of gold.  She never sends me home without food and when she scream-talks, remember: it’s just the way Brooklyn-Italians say “I love you.”

I had to borrow Joan’s landline because I had an interview with Charlotte Robinson of OUTTAKEVOICES, and cellphones are just too unreliable. Once upon a time, all lines were landlines, none of them were smarter than you, and 1984 was the future.  Also, The Jersey Shore was called Real World and was, by comparison, “high-brow.”

Just before our scheduled phone interview, I drank a gallon of coffee and ate donuts with Joan.

Then this happened: